API v1 – POST Webhook

API V1 – is scheduled to be removed in next couple of months. Please use  API V2

The POST Webhook API page is useful in integrating a form with an external application. More precisely, the form submission is the “trigger” and the webhook URL is the resulting “action”.

The logic behind performs a POST action, so it only outputs whether the operation was successful or not.

The webhook URL is specified by the webhookUrl POST parameter, which has to be previously set using urlencode() in PHP or an equivalent function in another language.

Page URL Example:

https://app.123formbuilder.com/api/forms/[FORM ID]/webhooks.xml?apiKey=[API KEY]&webhookUrl=[YOUR URL]

The above URL does the exact same thing that the 123FormBuilder – WebHook application does from the 3rd Party Apps section of your form settings. Also, you cannot link more than ten applications to your form via the Webhook.

To retrieve your form’s ID, go to Publish FormForm Link and copy the digits that appear after 123FormBuilder (e.g. form-123123, but copy only the digits}. To retrieve your account’s API key, follow our documentation here.

If you find this method to add Webhooks to your forms much useful, go ahead and create your URL. If not, then try the 123FormBuilder – WebHook integration as described in our step-by-step documentation.