API v1 – Retrieve Forms

The Retrieve Forms API page retrieves details on any form that belongs to the current user. The user is determined by the apiKey parameter.

Page URL for requests:


There is also a second way to call this page, mentioning a certain form ID:


The XML output contains <forms> as the root element, with zero or more <form> sub-elements that, in turn, have the following sub-elements:

  • formId
  • formName
  • formEmails which has email sub-elements
  • formCreated
  • formDateStart
  • formDateEnd
  • formEncoding
  • formRedirectMessage
  • formRedirectUrl

The Retrieve Forms operation can also be used for subuser accounts. Use the following URL to make a request to get all of the forms in a subuser’s account:


Use the following URL to make a request for a certain form in a subuser’s account:


{subusers-email-address-encoded} is the email address associated to the subuser’s account, which has the PHP urlencode() function applied.