API v1

API V1 is the way to go if you need simple things (get your forms, get your submissions, etc). It need to be called using an API key, which can be obtained from the section My Account → Account Details of your 123FormBuilder account.

Note: If you need advanced functionality, we highly recommend you to use API V2!


An API call consists of performing a cURL GET operation on the desired API page. There are also additional parameters that have to be sent through cURL POST. All parameters are presented below.

There are 2 available output formats: XML and JSON. In the case of an error, the appropriate message is displayed under an <errorMessage> tag or key.

The API base URL is:


You must use the HTTPS protocol for all the API URL’s in your script. That doesn’t mean that the URL of your script must also start with https://


The most important POST parameter is apiKey, which is required for any API call. You can find your API key in the section My AccountAccount Details of your 123FormBuilder account.

The API provides the following operations:

Use the links above to find out more about each action.

Please note that a Basic user can perform up to 100 API calls per day.

Here is a PHP script example illustrating how our API can be used. And here are the API Responses you receive when using our API Key.